PDF Add Watermark: Maximize the Security of Your PDF Files

EditPDF123’s user-friendly online tool makes it easy to add watermark to PDF documents, improving their professionalism and security.

Easily add text or image watermarks to your PDFs to prove who owns the file, safeguard private data, or add a unique touch to your documents. It's crucial now more than ever to protect your intellectual property and build your brand's visibility in the digital world.

The watermarking tool from EditPDF123 lets you enjoy the PDF add watermark feature to your documents, providing branding and security options. It gives you the flexibility and control you need, whether your goal is to prevent unauthorized use or maintain your brand's prominence. 

Customized PDF Add Watermark and Logo Design

Tailor your watermarks' font, transparency, and placement to complement your brand identity and project a polished image to your target audience.

Use the practical and user-friendly online tool from EditPDF123 to enhance your PDF documents with personalized PDF add watermark. Quickly improve branding and security! 

With EditPDF123, you can create watermarks that are not just functional but also visually appealing, going beyond simple watermarking. Select fonts, sizes, and colors that complement the theme of your paper or your brand. Adjust the opacity to ensure your PDF add watermark is visible without overpowering the text of the document. 

You can place your watermark exactly where you want it on the page for maximum impact and visibility.

How to Add a Watermark Into a PDF? A Step-by-Step Approach

  • Go to the EditPDF123 website and click on the "Add Watermark" option under the "PDF Editing" section.
  • Alt Text: Choose ‘Add Watermark’ option on the homepage

  • On the "Add watermark into a PDF" page, click the "Select PDF files" button to upload the PDF file(s) you want to add a watermark to.
  • After selecting the file(s), you'll see a message displaying the number of files selected (e.g., "You have selected 1 Files").
  • Below that, you'll see two options: "Place Text" and "Place Image". Click on "Place Text" to add a text watermark and "Place Image" to add an image watermark.
  • In the case of text, the "Text" field, enter the watermark text you want to add to the PDF. The "Pages" fields allow you to specify the page range for the watermark.
  • Customize the watermark appearance using the available options:
    • Text format: Choose the font, size, style (bold/italic), and alignment.
    • Position: Select the position of the watermark on the page (top/middle/bottom and left/center/right).
    • Transparency: Adjust the transparency level of the watermark.
    • Rotation: Rotate the watermark text if needed.
  • In the case of an image watermark, upload the image and set its position, rotation, and transparency.
  • A live preview of the watermark will be displayed at the bottom.
  • Once you've configured the watermark settings, click the "Add Watermark" button to initiate the watermark process.
  • The website will process the files and display a message "The PDF has been stamped!" along with download links for the watermarked PDF files.

Start Now!

Use the user-friendly watermarking tool provided by EditPDF123 to maximize the security and branding of your PDF documents. Put a personalized PDF add watermark on your documents right now and enjoy the best experience!